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Multi-Activity Camp - Summer 2022

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Multi-Activity Camp - Summer 2022

Our Multi-Activity Camps are a fun-filled blend of sports, dance, arts and crafts for the campers who want a taste of everything we have to offer!

About Multi-Activity Camp 
During the Multi-Activity Camp, we offer a wide mix of outdoor sports and games to keep our campers active whilst our indoor workshop activities provide the opportunity to concentrate minds and stimulate creativity. No two days are the same and each weekly programme includes two exciting field trips! 

Emphasis on variety & enjoyment
Activities are chosen to ensure that being at Zein holiday camp is great fun for every child, whatever their interests! Our qualified camp instructors ensure sports and games are challenging and fun in equal measure, with all children being given the opportunity to shine. We have a full range of outdoor activities specially selected to ensure girls and boys join in together. We emphasise variety, participation and enjoyment with enthusiastic staff helping children acquire new skills and confidence, whilst making a few new friends along the way...! Indoor sessions allow for interaction and participation as children enjoy the fun of making their own lunch and snacks as true chefs or using science and art to create and discover or enjoy music and theatre as a way to build confidence. Quieter children are individually supported and praised and confident ones are encouraged to strive still further to develop new skills and interests.



What are the dates, locations and field trips?

Multi-Activity camp is run during various weeks, at various locations during the summer holidays. Camps run from 08:00-18:30 and the last drop-off time is 09:30 to ensure all children can enjoy the full programme. Pick-up is between 17:00-18:30. 

Camp Weeks & Locations 
With four locations in The Hague region, families enjoy the benefit of choice according to physical location or camp theme. 

  • Friday 1 July: The Maples (edge of Statenkwartier, The Hague) 
  • Wednesday 20 July - Friday 22 July: The Willows (Leidschenveen, The Hague) & The Estate (Benoordenhout, The Hague) 
  • ​Monday 15 August - Friday 19 August: The Maples (edge of Statenkwartier, The Hague) 
  • ​Monday 22 August & Tuesday 23 August: The Maples (edge of Statenkwartier, The Hague) & The Elms (van Stolkpark, The Hague)
  • Monday 29 August - Friday 2 September: The Willows (Leidschenveen, The Hague), The Estate (Benoordenhout, The Hague) & The Elms (van Stolkpark, The Hague)

Click the link for more info on our camp locations. 

Field Trips 
Our programme wouldn't be complete without field trips! Therefore, each weekly programme provides two field trips, offering the perfect balance between time spent on and away from the camp location for children of all ages. 

  • Visit to an Adventure Park: Tuesday 16 August (Maples), Tuesday 30 August (Estate, Willows, Elms).
  • Visit an interactive museum and view a documentary film on the largest dome screen in the BeNeLux: Thursday 18 August (Maples), Thursday 1 September (Estate, Willows & Elms).  

About the Adventure Park: Campers will have an unforgettable day as they enjoy climbing, crawling, and ziplining attractions suitable for their age. 

About the interactive museum & dome screen movie theatre: children will be inspired to visit the world and treat it with respect after visiting an interactive exhibition at a children's museum for culture & science. Up next, campers will marvel at the beauty of our planet as they watch a breathtaking documentary-style film about nature, culture and science on a huge screen.

What language is spoken at the holiday camps?

Our holiday camps are open to everyone. English is the main language spoken, but many of our teachers are international and speak multiple languages. Where possible, and if needed, they will take the time to explain things in your child's mother tongue.

Additionally, as Zein is the official childcare partner of all key international schools in the region as well as various local Dutch schools, our staff is trained to apply simple techniques to help children understand the daily routine and quickly become part of the group, regardless of the language they speak. 

The camps are also increasingly popular among Dutch children, who enjoy the opportunity to practice their English in a relaxed and informal setting - after all, learning works best when you're having fun!

Do you have qualified staff?

All our camps and activities are led by our qualified childcare practitioners and carried out in age-appropriate format for children aged 4 – 6 and 7 – 12. Where relevant we make use of professional sports teachers and other specialists - all of whom have pedagogical and safety training. Our holiday camps offer exciting hands-on activities, sports, recreational games and field trips in a safe and non-competitive environment.

How do I make a booking and what will be the cost?

Bookings can be made via our online booking form. Your booking will be confirmed by our planning team within 2-3 working days. If you would like to discuss your booking please contact a member of our friendly team using 070 200 2375 or

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