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Our Day Care groups are Vertically Integrated, but all activities are carefully focussed on the different ages of the children within the group.

Our integrated programme with a focus on individual development
We use an Infant – Toddler – Pre-Schooler approach in relation to development, but our integrated programme allows for the individual development of each child to be catered for within the group. Children progressing more quickly in certain areas can be further challenged and stimulated by the older children – and teachers – around them. Likewise, those children taking longer to grasp certain developmental aspects experience a supportive and encouraging environment where small steps are celebrated and valued. As the families who join us regularly speak a different language at home, our approach includes specific techniques aimed at making children feel comfortable and confident within a foreign language environment.

INFANTS: 3 months – 18 months
The infant programme focusses on activities and teacher-child relationships that build trust, interaction, discovery and communication. Our dedicated infant areas are safe for exploration and discovery while allowing these younger infants to observe and internalise the broader activities within the group. Through this stimulating environment, enriched with carefully selected play items and one-to-one child-teacher interaction, a natural engagement with learning. Gross and fine motor skills are developed through hands-on sensory opportunities and language skills are encouraged through active listening activities.

TODDLERS: 18 months – 2.5 years
As an age where children seek autonomy and greater opportunity for exploration, our programme ensures that each child’s individuality and independence are nurtured and respected while socialising with the group. Activities are focussed on the development of autonomy through exciting, creative and interactive activities that help build self-confidence. We ensure the creation of different social situations that help develop emotional competencies and encourage language skills.

PRE-SCHOOLERS: 2.5 – 4 years
Children within this age are explorers ready to evolve as autonomous individuals. Within the vertical grouping, teachers see them as a capable person ready to learn numbers, letters, time, colours, dialogue, shapes, measurements, sizes, days of the week, the environment, months, names, objects in place, relationships and so – and they are challenged accordingly. Teachers guide each child to develop and learn at their own pace while instilling a sense of self-belief in them. Through play-way learning, we go on a voyage led by the children for their ever-increasing interest and challenges.

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