Staff Reflections – Lorenzo

Lorenzo van der Meer

Position:  Bilingual Out of School Care Teacher​
Nationality: Dutch
Languages:  Dutch & English
Length of Time at Zein: Since July 2016


When my course in “Sport & Bewegen” (Sport & Movement) was due to finish in June 2016, I sought a job which related to my studies. During my course, I was trained to work with children and teach them all kinds of sports and activities. I chose Zein Childcare because it enabled me to combine my job with my hobby: doing sports and teaching them to young talents.

I enjoy working at Zein International Childcare because they make me very confident both as a human being and also as a pedagogical employee. Zein childcare has always shown their trust in me through their support and by enabling me to take steps forward in my career. Since I started at Zein, I have learned a lot about children – for example how talented they are! Whilst some children are smart and talented in maths, language or sport lesson, some children have great social and communication skills which are also very important for creating a bright future. Zein Childcare’s Training Academy has also helped me to continue to develop, especially in my ability to recognize children’s talents and their ways of thinking.

I think that I can make a difference at Zein Childcare because they support my ideas and they always ask staff for their feedback. I also hope that I can grow with Zein Childcare because they are very innovative. Finally, I hope that I can support many children as they grow up and that I can continue to teach them fun activities!