March in Day Care: Learning About Ourselves

March in Day Care: Learning About Ourselves

Thursday, March 31, 2022
Day care children enjoy themed learning opportunities at Zein International Childcare

In the last month of the quarter, the learning journey of the day care children was guided by the theme ‘My Amazing Self’. Our confidence grew as we learned about our characteristics, emotions, and abilities… And those who make us happy: our family and friends!In the first week, we learned about ‘The Amazing Me’. During one of the activities, children got creative and made a beautiful self-portrait. As they looked into the mirror, their teachers asked questions about the colour of their hair and the colour of their eyes. Then, each child picked a matching coloured pencil and drew themselves on the paper. The babies giggled as they looked into the mirror and the teacher talked to them about their eyes, nose and mouth!

We continued our monthly theme with learning to understand ‘Our Emotions’. Throughout the week, we covered our different emotions through circle time songs and stories, and during activity time. Children loved the fine motor skills enhancement activity, where they expressed how they felt by making a play dough face. How wonderful it was to see so many happy smiles!

Following on the theme, we next looked at ‘Our 5 Senses’: taste, smell, seeing, listening, and touching. Children discovered what body part is used for each sense, learning about a different sense each day. On the day we looked at our ears, we had so much fun practicing our listening skills and gross motor skills at the same time during a movement to music activity!

Moving on from learning all about themselves the children shifted their focus to ‘My Family’. Parents provided us with a family picture, to support an activity where we got to create our very own family tree. Our teachers then asked the children to show and speak about who is in their family. They asked the children if their brother went to school and if Mummy and Daddy went to work. This was a great opportunity for us to develop our language skills.

In the last week of our monthly theme, we enjoyed learning all about ‘My Friends‘. A wonderful chance for the children to express the excitement they feel when they get to spend the day with their friends at day care! Children expressed how much they adore their friends by creating beautiful friendship bracelets at the craft table to give to their friends. We ended our theme with a dance party where the children got to show off their amazing selves and their amazing dance moves.

Through this theme children gained a better understanding of themselves and the people in their ever-growing world.

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