Transition from Day Care to School

Whether your child will transition to international or local Dutch education, starting ‘big school’ is an important time – for children and their parents…

Positive and enthusiastic approach
At Zein, we take great care to gradually prepare your child for this move – just as we support parents to do the same. Our staff ensure that your child is positive and enthusiastic about going to school – discussing with them some of the “new and exciting things” that they will do. While children may function at different cognitive levels, in general, they recognise enthusiasm and positivity coming from their teachers and their parents.

Visiting the British School in The Netherlands 
To try and ensure the surroundings and procedures of a school are not a completely new experience, we also aim to take the children from several of our Day Cares on a visit to the Foundation 1 classes of the British School in The Netherlands. This visit takes place for all transitioning children – regardless of the school that they will ultimately attend, as we know from experience just how helpful – and exciting! – it can be for all our children. We prepare the children for their visit beforehand and spent much time talking about it and building activities around their experience on their return.

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