Theatre Summer Camp – Developing Confidence, Skills and Passions

Theatre Summer Camp – Developing Confidence, Skills and Passions

Friday, July 22, 2022
Experienced childcare professional and children enjoying summer camp.
As we embark on a new summer camp adventure, we are excited about the new experiences that await children who attend Zein International Childcare’s themed and multi-activity day camps. One of the most popular camps each year is Performing Arts Camp – where children will discover a diverse programme featuring different kinds of acting and dance-related activities.  The activities are age-appropriate and perfect for little entertainers – or for bringing out the inner performers in quieter children!
We spoke to camp leader Lucia about her passion for the performing arts and childcare. As an Out of School Care teacher at Zein and a professional dancer, actor, filmmaker, and director, she is the perfect fit to lead Zein’s Performing Arts Camp!– – – –Do you still remember when you first became interested in performing arts/dance?I have loved dancing and performing ever since I was a child. Throughout my life as a dancer, I have dived into many different styles, from belly dance to contemporary, African dances and old-school authentic jazz dance. Currently, I have turned to my Argentine roots and find myself very passionate about tango and my ongoing learning process in swing dances.

What is your background in performing arts/dance?

My love for old movies has taken me down the path of filmmaking. I graduated from film school and have participated in many different roles in independent films, going from sound to art department and even acting minor roles on national TV. Before moving to the Netherlands I used to work as a director for voice actors, recording dubbed TV shows for MTV and Discovery’s Latin American audiences. Alongside my job at Zein, I dance and teach Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz dances, as well as perform in chorus line groups.

What is your favourite part of teaching performing arts/dance?

My favorite part about teaching performing arts and dance is providing a space for the kids to shine, to be seen and heard when sharing their talents, but also to help them overcome their fears and shyness, to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. I love to encourage them to pursue their own creative ideas and ways of expressing themselves and their emotions.

How do you decide which techniques and skills to teach children at camp?

Based on the experience of previous years leading this camp, the programme is adapted each year to improve its content and spark interest in the kids, while covering the general concepts of both performing arts and dance. The activities are strongly focused on the playful aspect, with games that include improvisation, creativity, movement, body awareness, self-expression and building up of characters.

What does it mean to you to teach performing arts and dance during Zein Summer camps?

At Zein, I always aim to be the supportive, loving and caring adult I would have liked to have experienced myself as a child. And I do this by creating a safe environment where the kids can feel confident to express themselves fully, freely and assertively. Working at this camp has been incredibly rewarding because we get to play and have fun, while exploring out-of-the-box possibilities and learning together. I feel fulfilled when I can contribute my grain of sand by helping children bring the best qualities in themselves while developing their skills, so that they can keep pursuing their dreams. I strongly believe that happy kids today will make for brighter days ahead.

Activities at Performing Art and Dance Camp

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