Zein Academy International Talent Programme

Do you have a passion for working with children, but find you’re not ‘qualified’ to work in childcare in the Netherlands? Then we may have a unique opportunity available for you!

Many professionals educated or experienced in education, child development or care apply to us for positions only to find out that their particular international or Dutch qualification – or former work experience – is not formally recognised by the Dutch Childcare Authorities. Through the  International Talent Programme, Zein offers both international and Dutch candidates who are passionate about working with children but not officially qualified to work in childcare in the Netherlands a recognized, professional solution for obtaining the relevant qualifications to meet the Dutch legislative requirements. 

Successful candidates will follow a personalised in-house training scheme alongside an adapted version of the Dutch ‘EVC’ (ervaringscertificaat/experience-based certification) process. During training, candidates receive a personal coach, on-the-job training by experienced Zein professionals as well as access to a range of workshops and lectures. Upon completion of the programme and receipt of the qualification, we aim to extend an employment offer for a teaching position, allowing you to continue building your career in Zein as a fully-qualified international childcare teacher.

Application process

We are accepting applications throughout the year. So, you can apply at any time using this form. Whilst we support flexible start times, we have a limited number of places available so we advise you not to wait too long to submit your application. Upon receipt of your application, you will hear from our recruitment department about your candidacy within two weeks.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to a personal interview. During the trial day at one of our locations, you will meet some members of the Zein professional family and receive an introduction to the Zein programme. Based on the outcome of the trial day, applicants will be offered a place on the Talent Programme.

Open to International and Dutch Candidates

The programme was originally designed for international applicants and reflects our belief in the importance of having a diverse workforce to support our international community. Today, as our service offer continues to grow and develop, resulting in an expanded bilingual (English-Dutch) provision, we can also welcome Dutch candidates wanting to retrain to the programme! Dutch candidates can click here for more info.

The International Talent Programme allows us to prioritise what we believe are fundamentally important criteria for any member of our team: a true passion for and commitment to children and their development.

How does it work?

Upon completion of the Training Programme, you will follow the procedure of Recognition of Acquired Competences (RAC – or EVC in Dutch). Upon completion, you will receive the Branch Certificate for Entry-Level Qualified Childcare Workers – allowing you to work as a qualified childcare teacher.

  • When starting the programme, you will take a skills audit – reviewing your former work experience and qualifications. The results will be used to create a tailor-made training programme for you.
  • You will be assigned a personal coach who will liaise with you throughout the education process, provide help and advice on the modules you need to complete and competence-based evidence you will need to gather.
  • You will train within either Day Care or Out of School Care groups at one of our locations in The Hague region, where you will receive on-job training under the guidance of experienced Zein professionals.
  • The trainee’s workweek is determined by Zein Childcare and consists of at least 12 hours per week at an after school & holiday care location or at least 20 hours per week at a day care location.
  • In addition to this hands-on approach, as a trainee you will also receive some informative sessions, covering all aspects of international childcare and the Zein approach to working with international families.

How long does the training last?

The programme lasts around 6 months, with the exact time period depending on your current experience/qualifications.

Will I get paid?

When joining this unique education programme you will have a status of a ‘trainee’ during the training period. The EVC qualification process requires a considerable investment which will be fully covered by Zein. Additionally, whilst in training, you will be paid a salary (scale 5 of the CAO childcare). More details regarding an ITP study agreement will be discussed with you during the selection process.

Of course, upon completion of the programme, when proceeding to employment, you will be paid a full childcare teacher’s salary (scale 6 of the CAO childcare).

Does a place on the scheme guarantee me a job?

As a successful and growing company, we have numerous posts available and aim to find suitable positions for all candidates who complete the Training Programme and meet our quality standard. As the EVC process requires significant financial funding from Zein, we are looking for future colleagues who would like to build a career within Zein.

We do, of course, always hold the right not to extend an offer of employment on completion of the Training Programme if a candidate does not meet our quality standards.

More details regarding an ITP study agreement and Zein expectations and professional standards will be discussed with you during the selection process.

Who is eligible?

The scheme is most suitable for candidates who have followed some education courses related to childhood education or childhood psychology – although candidates with other academic backgrounds or practical experience will also be considered. There are many childhood related courses – both Dutch and international – which are not formally recognised as childcare qualifications, even though they are often of a higher academic level. Additionally, due to the different qualification standards across countries, candidates often find that despite many years of practical childcare or teaching experience abroad, they are not able to continue their careers in the Netherlands.

The idea of the EVC process is to allow candidates who are passionate about children and their development the opportunity to have their practical experience or earlier studies recognised, whilst gaining important experience in the care of children. 

If you are unsure whether your current qualification is recognised, you can check the below links. For further questions, you can contact [email protected] or 070 3268263.

– Dutch Diplomas 
– Diplomas from other EU Countries
– Diplomas from outside the EU

Applications are welcome from candidates of all ages and backgrounds, but competency in the English language is a must. Competency in the Dutch language is a bonus. Additionally, all candidates are required to hold (at least) a post-high school diploma and be eligible to work in The Netherlands.

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