About Us

Zein was founded in 2008 based on an understanding of the value of embracing the unique advantages that an internationally-oriented lifestyle brings to children.

Our approach

We offer a tailored pedagogic approach and programme that pays particular attention to the uniqueness of growing up in an internationally-oriented learning environment – focussing on the need to make children feel at home and at ease during changes and transitions.Through teaching socio-emotional competencies we aim to equip children with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes for their social and emotional development, which will help them succeed in their friendships, school life, home life, future careers and as members of the wider community.

Setting the standard in international childcare

Open to all internationally-minded families, we truly aim to Set the Standard in International Childcare – consistently exceeding parental expectations and going above and beyond what is offered in standard childcare. We offer both fully-English speaking as well as bilingual (English-Dutch) childcare options and have a clear focus on the quality of care for the individual child. There is an on-site chef who prepares fresh, organic warm meals and snacks throughout the day. Our commitment to quality, together with our internationally diverse and well-qualified staff, results in those small touches that make a big difference. It’s this family-oriented approach that makes Zein the first choice for internationally-minded parents looking for quality care for their children.

Zein International Childcare’s philosophy is based on providing an internationally oriented nurturing learning environment.

Our team and our shared mission

Every day, our team of more than 130 colleagues across 13 locations works on shaping a better tomorrow through education and care. Through sustainable education and care, we prepare children to through and contribute as conscious human beings.

Together we grow

Since 2021, we have been part of Babilou Family Nederland together with our sister organisations BijdeHandjes Childcare, BLOS Childcare and Zonnekinderen Childcare. Babilou Family Nederland is the Dutch branch of the international Babilou Family.
Together we focus on the quality of the care we provide and the development of our children and colleagues. We share knowledge and expertise, invest in scientific research, and work on projects that increase our positive impact on the lives of children and their parents. We work together with children, parents, pedagogues, education, government agencies and organisations such as UNICEF and KiKa. Together we grow and build a better tomorrow.

Babilou Family is involved in the development of children from 57,000 families in 12 countries worldwide. This makes us one of the five largest childcare organizations in the world.

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