Daily Updates and Annual Progress

Daily Updates
Parents are constantly updated about their child’s daily experiences and interactions in their Day Care Group. These updates take place both verbally, between the parent and the teacher in the group at pick up time, and online using our secure Konnect Parent App. Konnect is a wonderful tool that enables you to keep up with your child throughout the day.

Childcare staff capture observations of every child’s learning and development and these are communicated to parents through Konnect all at the touch of a button.

Parents are able to use our Konnect Parent App on a daily basis to receive updates and wonderful pictures, and to request swaps and/or extra days. Routine information such as nappy changes and feeding times and details are always recorded and shared with parents each day. The developmental progress of your child is also shared in this way, with daily observations being passed on and discussed.

Our communication is generally in English, although families attending the bilingual (English-Dutch) groups are welcome to approach their child’s teacher in Dutch.

Annual Individual Progress Meeting
As the parent of a child in Day Care or Pre-School you will be given a personal appointment time to come into the centre and meet with your child’s key teacher (mentor). During this relaxed meeting, the teacher will report back a detailed picture of your child’s developmental milestones over the past months. A photographic presentation of your child’s time at Zein will be accompanied by a detailed discussion and report. Parents are encouraged to share any observations or concerns and, where relevant, tips and advice are given to support aspects of child development.

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