Developmental Milestones & Reporting

Development & Progress Reports
In addition to teachers capturing observations of your child and the normal feedback and updates the teachers provide every day at pick-up time, parents are updated about their child’s time in Pre-School with our secure Konnect Parent App. Konnect is a wonderful tool that enables childcare staff to write a journal about your child’s day and communicate it to you – all at the touch of a button.

Your child’s Pre-School journey will be shared with you in the early summer of each year during an informal Parent Meeting. These meetings are an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s development in more detail, to share any issues or concerns you may have and to enjoy looking at the amazing progress your child will have made over the previous months and weeks.

Every child is an individual who will develop in specific ways at their own pace.

Developmental Milestones 
The developmental milestones for toddlers and pre-schoolers cover seven key areas. The key abilities and processes required for these are carefully developed and supported throughout all areas of our Pre-School Curriculum. It is important to acknowledge, however, that every child is an individual who will develop in specific ways at their own pace.

Some young pre-schoolers may still be developing their older toddler skills whilst others may be considerably more advanced. Toddlers are defined as children from ages 18 months to 3 years old, so we always keep in mind that the activities we offer must be appropriate for the whole range of skills in this toddler/pre-school age group – providing opportunities for all children to develop and experience success.

As a basic guide, the following examples are based on general developmental milestones for 3-4-year-olds.

Movement Milestones

Hops and stands on one foot up to five seconds

Goes upstairs and downstairs without support

Kicks ball forward

Throws ball overhand

Catches bounced ball most of the time

Moves forward and backward with agility

Hand & Finger Skill Milestones

Copies square shapes

Draws a person with two to four body parts

Uses scissors

Draws circles and squares

Begins to copy some capital letters

Language Milestones

Understands the concepts of “same” and “different”

Has mastered some basic rules of grammar

Speaks in sentences of five to six words

Speaks clearly enough for strangers to understand

Tells stories

Cognitive Milestones

Correctly names some colors

Understands the concept of counting and may know a few numbers

Approaches problems from a single point of view

Begins to have a clearer sense of time

Follows three-part commands

Recalls parts of a story

Understands the concept of same/different

Engages in fantasy play

Social & Emotional Milestones

Interested in new experiences

Cooperates with other children

Plays “Mom” or “Dad”

Increasingly inventive in fantasy play

Dresses and undresses

Negotiates solutions to conflicts

More independent

Imagines that many unfamiliar images may be “monsters”

Views self as a whole person involving body, mind, and feelings

Often cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality

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