Childcare Allowance

Here in the Netherlands there are considerable government rebates available to assist with the costs of childcare.

Through the Dutch Childcare Allowance (or Kinderopvangtoeslag) Dutch tax authorities reimburse a substantial portion of childcare costs each month, for children aged 0-12 years, where both parents (or a single parent) are working or studying. 

In order for your family to be eligible for the Childcare Allowance, the childcare services that you choose must be provided by a registered childcare. As a registered childcare provider, all of Zein’s services are covered by the childcare allowance – including Day Care, Pre-School, After School Care and Holiday Camps.

To determine how much your family may be entitled to get back through the Dutch Childcare Allowance, Zein provides a handy calculator. Click here to calculate how much you may be able to get back and read on to find out how to claim. 

Who can claim it?

Most (foreign) parents registered in the Netherlands are entitled to the Childcare Allowance when using formal registered childcare – irrespective of nationality or length of stay. Even if you do not pay tax in the Netherlands, you are often still eligible for the refund – provided both parents (or a single parent) are working or studying*.

Through this link, the government provides further information on the criteria to claim the Dutch Childcare Allowance (Kinderopvangtoeslag).

*Please note that the government only reimburses the costs if the parent studies and attends a registered institute – or follows a civic integration course or reintegration programme. Please call the Tax Information Line for more details and to verify if your course and institute qualifies.

How much will you get back?

The amount you will get back is dependent on your combined gross income and the number of hours you and your partner are working/studying. Additionally, the childcare allowance is provided on a per child basis, whereby an allowance is determined and provided for each child. The amount is substantial and increases significantly for a siblings. The childcare allowance is paid directly to the parents by the tax authorities on a monthly basis.

To determine how much your family may be entitled to get back, Zein provides a handy calculator that provides the gross and net cost. Please enter the details of all your children in one go.

The allowance is paid directly to the parents on a montly basis, around the 20th of the month.

How can you claim?

Parents can apply for the Dutch Childcare Allowance themselves. You can claim the allowance with a maximum of three months retrospectively. Therefore, applications should be made within three months after the starting date (i.e. you can’t claim it retrospectively for the previous year).

You can apply via the government’s website in the Mijn Toeslagen (my allowances) section. This is your personal page on the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration website. To apply online you will need your DigiD and your citizen service number (Burgerservicenumber, BSN). As the ‘Mijn Toeslagen’ page is available in Dutch only, you can call the Tax Information Line. In addition to telephone support, you can ask to make an appointment to visit a tax office or an allowances/benefits service point for help you with your application.

  • DigiD is short for digital identity. You can use your DigiD to log on to government websites in order to arrange for your government affairs. More information, in English, can be found at
  • Citizen Service Number (or Burgerservicenummer, BSN) is provided to internationals when registering with the municipality. You receive acitizen service number per person – one for yourself and another one for your child.

For existing parents: What if something changes for my family?

The amount you will get back through the childcare allowance is dependent on your family’s circumstances (income, working hours, studies, co-habitation, marital status etc.) and the number of contractual childcare hours. Therefore, you must notify the authorities within four weeks if anything changes.

You can submit changes via the government’s website, in the Mijn Toeslagen (my benefit) section. The ‘Mijn Toeslagen’ section is only available in Dutch. If you need help submitting your change, you can call the Tax Information Line. If a change has any consequences for the allowance amount, the monthly amount will be adjusted.

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