Staff Reflections – Alyssa

Alyssa van Beelen

Position: Day Care Assistant Manager, formerly Day Care Teacher
Nationality: American
Languages: English and Dutch​
Length of Time at Zein: Since February 2017


I received my BA in Studio Art with a minor in Child Psychology. I was able to combine these two degrees into one, Art Therapy for Children. During my internship, I worked at the American School in Wassenaar. Being from the US myself I was interested in working for a company that allowed me to work with children and work with the international community. Zein was the perfect fit.

I enjoy working for Zein because the international community at Zein allows me to learn about new cultures whilst I continue to evolve as a teacher – through the training provided to all employees. Since joining the Zein family in 2017, I have been able to grow not only as an early years professional but as a student myself, learning from both my colleagues and the children alike. Zein has truly become a home away from home not only for my daughter, who also attends Zein but for myself as an employee. The relationships that we have built within this company are truly everlasting.

Zein is truly more than just another day care. Zein shows great attention to detail in the education of the children that attend Zein. This was also one of the reasons I chose Zein as the daycare for my daughter. Zein is truly an extension of the home for both clients and employees. I am looking forward to continuing my professional growth within the company, now as an assistant manager, and continue the impact I have on the children every day.