A big success: fundraiser for KiKa

Tuesday, April 18 2023

March was a special month at Zein as children across locations baked to raise funds for an important cause: research into childhood cancer. The children proved that little hands can make a big impact as € 16,414.92 was donated to KiKa (Children Cancer-free foundation) at the end of the month.

Through the activity, children learned that they can take action and make a positive impact on others – for example, by baking and selling cookies. Our teachers spoke to the children about what it means to be part of a wider community and provided accessible and age-appropriate information about the disease to the children.

Funds raised
A lot of tasty goods were baked and sold. By joining forces, the children of Zein Childcare, BLOS kinderopvang, BijdeHandjes kinderopvang en Zonnekinderen kinderopvang raised no less than € 11,414.92 for KiKa. An amount to be proud of!

Our parent organisation Babilou Family has donated an additional € 5,000, bringing the total to € 16.414.92. With these proceeds, we have made an impact together in the field of childhood cancer research and we are making a great contribution to our future generation.

On 18 April, several children from Zein location The Maples handed the cheque over to Gerard from KiKa on behalf of all the children who contributed. Location Managers Jezemyn and Thanos as well as Regional Manager Arjan Doorenspleet were also present for the special moment. What an exciting moment for some of the young chefs who contributed to the health of their peers!