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Staff Reflections

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Staff Reflections

Working at Zein is definitely more of a vocation than a job... 

We are proud of the dedicated and enthusiastic members of staff who together form 'the Zein family' of carers and business professionals. Please read on to find out more about our staff, their backgrounds and their reflections on working at Zein. 

Position :   Out of School Care Practitioner​
Nationality: Greek
Languages: Greek, English, Dutch

Vassia's Story : Applying at ZEIN was my first thought after I finished my Master in Child Psychology, and truly I didn't hesitate a moment.
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Position :  Out of School Care Practitioner​
Nationality: Greek Cypriot
Languages: Greek, English (​Dutch & French)

Andreas' Story : When I first arrived in the Netherlands, 5 years ago, to do my Masters in Child and Adolescent Psychology, I never imagined that I could stay here for so long - or that I could find such a lovely job which would make me feel like I was part of an extended family.
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Position :  Assistant Day Care Manager
Nationality: Dutch
Languages: Dutch, English, French, German

Nienke's Story : My colleagues have different backgrounds, with respect to both culture and education, but we are all passionate about what we do, which creates a fantastic team atmosphere to work in every day. 
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Position :  Pedagogic Advisor
Nationality: Ugandan
Languages Spoken: English, Dutch, Swahili

Mollyn's Story : The regular Zein Academy trainings have definitely helped me grow and understand deeper the nature and need for the service we provide.
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Position :  Day Care Practitioner​
Nationality: Dutch
Languages: English, Dutch

Renu's Story : I really value the way we are able to guide a child to make positive choices, with help from Robbie Zein's Choices System. 
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