ITP Graduates Dafni

Dafni Lymperidi

Location:  The Estate

Nationality: Greek

ITP Class: Spring 2020

What’s the best part of working in childcare?

I love everything about working in childcare, so it is a very difficult decision to choose only one thing. First of all, I love working with children passionately, I love the way they express their love, the amazing hugs they give you and their inventive way of thinking. But mainly I love the freedom this profession gives me to express myself, to be with children and to develop creative ways to enhance their socio-emotional, language, and cognitive skills. Watching children growing up and developing their skills is the biggest satisfaction I can have as a childcare practitioner.

Why did you choose Zein’s ITP?

I’m a motivated and enthusiastic speech and language therapist but I always had a strong interest in the childcare field. As a newcomer in the Netherlands my desire was to find a job that accommodates the love, passion and energy I have for children. However, I realised that my diplomas weren’t sufficiently recognised by the Dutch Childcare Authorities. Zein’s International Talent Program gave me the unique opportunity to build a strong foundation and enhance my knowledge about childcare so that I could start my dream career in international childcare.

What was the most important learning point for you throughout the training?

Zein focuses on a holistic approach to childcare, providing knowledge about children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive aspects of learning and the connections between families, communities and cultures. As the needs of everyday life bring us all together from all over the world, I would choose learning about Third Culture Kids as the most important learning point. It is really important to make sure that every child is truly cared for and understood independently from their background.

What are you looking forward to achieving at Zein?

Thanks to Zein’s ITP, my training was an amazing journey in the childcare world. I look forward to being a happy childcare practitioner at Zein who motivates children to love learning and help them develop their skills. I want to have a positive impact on their life by giving them the emotional security, love and support they need and making them feel like they are at home.