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Zein Welcomes Pre-Schoolers Back for the New School Year

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Zein Welcomes Pre-Schoolers Back for the New School Year

Zein Welcomes Pre-Schoolers Back for the New School Year
Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Day care children enjoy themed learning opportunities at Zein International Childcare.

We were thrilled to welcome Pre-Schoolers back to Zein earlier this month after a well-earned summer break. 

At Zein's International Pre-School, our caring educators aim to build strong relationships with the children in our care, enabling them to feel safe and happy at Zein. When a child's social and emotional needs are met, they can participate fully in a wide range of learning opportunities. At Pre-School, playtime is one of the most valuable educational opportunities we give our children. Whilst playing, children strengthen social bonds and emotional maturity, develop cognitive skills, and improve their physical health.

We have a structured daily curriculum, and our learning environment is designed to meet the overall needs of the children through age-appropriate experiences. At the start of the new school year, we started gently by following the theme "Back to Pre-School". During Autumn, we will focus on the basic colours and shapes, look at the animals around us, learn how different animals move and where they live, before learning about the exciting theme, Fantasy & Fairy Tales in December! 

We look forward to following our Pre-Schoolers as they explore, learn and have fun throughout the school year! Want to learn more about our international Pre-School? Find out how we prepare children for their transition to big school , and book a personal tour of one of our locations.