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Zein at Home: DIY Bird Feeder

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Zein at Home: DIY Bird Feeder

Zein at Home: DIY Bird Feeder
Monday, November 29, 2021

Winter bids need lots of energy to stay warm, and on winter days food can be difficult to find. Putting a bird feeder in the garden is not only beneficial for our fluttering friends but making one at home is also a fun activity for an autumnal afternoon. 

You will need: 

  • pine cone
  • coconut oil/suet
  • birdseed mix
  • jute/garden string 


  1. Leave the coconut oil or suet to warm to room temperature. 
  2. Wrap a length of string around the end of the pine cone so it can hang from a tree branch. 
  3. Add in the bird seed
  4. Mix together with hands, ensuring the seeds are well distributed through the fat. 
  5. Add more seeds if necessary.  
  6. Smother the pine cone or acorn in the seed mix, ensuring the mixture is worked into the gaps well. 
  7. Leave to set and then hang in the garden for the birds to enjoy. 

When hanging in the garden, encourage your child to engage by asking questions such as: Which birds come to eat from the feeder? What colours are they? Can your child draw them? 

We hope you enjoyed the activity - keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page and our Latest News for more activities and recipes throughout the holidays!