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Zein at Home Activity: Time Capsule

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Zein at Home Activity: Time Capsule

Zein at Home Activity: Time Capsule
Thursday, September 2, 2021

Back to school time capsule activityThe beginning of a new school year is a wonderful time to think about what lies ahead and to set goals! Creating a time capsule is a fun project for your child - fill it at the beginning of the school year, and open at the end. 

The following are included on this Time Capsule Activity Sheet:  

  • Measure and record your child's height, note their hair colour and shoe size.  
  • Trace your child's hand on a piece of paper at the beginning of the year. Trace over it at the end of the year with another colour to see how much it has grown!  
  • Write down your favourite song, book, animal etc!  
  • Write about your friends  
  • Make a prediction about the school year.  
  • Write about a current event or place a news clipping from the beginning of the year. Do the same at the end of the year! E.g. What inspired you during the Olympics?  
  • Write a note to yourself to read later! It could be a funny story to make yourself laugh, a piece of advice, or about something you want to achieve!  

Other ideas  

  • Take a photo of your child during their first week of school. 
  • Put a memento from the summer holidays in the box 
  • You could write a letter to your child to open at the end of the school year – or ask a family member to. 
  • And more...! Include as much as you want, the more items you include, the more fun you’ll have later opening it. Be imaginative and ask your child what they'd like to include.  

Once the items have been gathered, place them in a sturdy container and write a note on the top of the opening date. Store the container in a high place so your child isn't tempted to open it early and enter a reminder in your calendar, so you don't forget about the opening date!  

Now for the exciting part – on the date you set, open the box! This will be exciting for you and your child! Encourage them to reflect on how they have changed, and what they have achieved in the year.  

When you're done looking through the items in the time capsule, place some keepsakes from the school year into the box, for example small art projects that your child felt especially proud of, photos from After School Care and one of them on their last day of school. Keep the box as a memento to look back at in the future.