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The Zein Dream

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The Zein Dream

Following your dreams and turning them into reality is something that few people can really lay claim to in this world, but for Robbie Zein the development of Zein Childcare represents just that.  A lifelong held belief that there had to be a better way to support and develop the lives of internationally mobile children - a better way to ensure that the benefits of being a ‘Third Culture Kid’ (TCK) truly outweigh the negatives.

Co-founder of the Zein Child Care Group, Robbie is an adult TCK who lived in Europe, North America and the Middle East. After her early childhood education and consulting studies she specialized in childcare for the expatriate community. She is an experienced lecturer and a qualified educator. Her experience with families and children of all ages from diverse cultures combined with her own international background has given her unique perspectives and insights that help children and parents to understand, work through and successfully deal with many of the issues and problems that families may face in a fast-changing, foreign environment. One of the most important aspects of Zein's program is the exceptional care, attention, advice and feedback they provide to children and families of the expatriate community.

Robbie explains just what it is they set out to do with Zein Childcare, and what it is that sets it apart from others:

“Zein International Childcare’s mission & philosophy is based on providing an internationally oriented nurturing learning environment. This environment is one which seeks to understand cross-cultural experiences and their impact on children.