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Zein Flex Team

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Zein Flex Team

Are you interested in being part of the 'Zein Flex Team'?  

Joining our Flexible Working Register gives you all the benefits of being linked to a market leading childcare company without formality of fixed working days.  Flexible part-time teachers are needed in all our locations and within all services to help provide a seamless level of care when regular staff are ill, on holiday or attending training courses.  Our Flex Team are trained to the same high standards as our regular staff, but can be called upon at any time to help fill a need.  

There are times when the placement may be short term - just covering for a sick day for example - but also occasions when placements can be much longer as child numbers grow higher on a specific day in a specific location and additional staff are required to ensure the staff:student ratio is adhered to.  All of these situations - and more - crop up on a daily basis, and a committed, reliable and experienced team of flexible teachers are needed to help ensure the smooth running of the service.


  • Staff training programme from The Zein Academy
  • Being part of a friendly team of international colleagues
  • Flexible working pattern
  • Working in a variety of locations & services
  • Working within a top childcare organisation 
  • Caring for internationally diverse children
  • Competitive salary & benefits

Interested? Apply online today to join the Zein Flex Team!