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From experience we know that new staff find the programme interesting and stimulating and that they grow in their pedagogical knowledge and approach as a result.  

All new members of the Zein professional family undergo a detailed induction and training programme so that they learn to understand the Zein approach. Longstanding teachers receive refreshers in addition to consistent on the job coaching. We believe in the concept of lifelong learning, and invest time and energy into ensuring that all Zein staff feel happy and confident about their role in helping us continue ‘Setting the Standard’ in international childcare. Business support staff are invited to join a selection of the training modules which are of relevance to their role at Zein. Training sessions are generally provided in-person, with an online option made available as and when circumstances require.

The Zein Academy Staff Training Programme is made up of a combination of lectures, interactive workshops and on the job application of knowledge. This in-depth programme looks at the specific needs of children with international childhoods as well as the practical application of the Zein approach in the workplace. The training programme covers the following areas:

1. Understanding the Zein vision and philosophy. Robbie takes Zein educators and support staff on a journey of the vision she had when founding Zein International Childcare over a decade ago and the purpose of the services provided by its workforce today.

2. Supporting children growing up across cultures (Third Culture Kids/TCK’s). This training session addresses questions such as: How does growing up across different cultures or cultures different to their parents’ original culture(s) affect TCK’s? What unique personality traits do these children share and what challenges and benefits do they face as they grow up?

3. Creating a home away from home and its impact on learning. This lecture explores how the Zein approach promotes a sense of belonging, the role of the teacher therein, and methods to help children cope with feelings of anxiety. 

4. Applying the Choices guidance system. This session covers the theory behind and application of the Choices System – a balanced, child-centred guidance philosophy that addresses the developmental needs and abilities of children in a positive manner. 

5. Communicating effectively. This training covers the tools and skills required for effective cross-cultural communication within the context of childcare. 

6. Promoting social-emotional competences. In this module, we discuss the importance of social-emotional development, how Zein’s philosophy and programme promote these competencies, and how educators can actively promote these skills.

7. Supporting the highly sensitive child. In addition to learning about how highly sensitive children experience their surroundings, teachers receive tips and practical advice on how to provide positive support to these children.

8. Understanding ethical backgrounds and perspective. This training covers the benefits of diversity and how to create an inclusive environment through day-to-day interactions with colleagues, parents and children.

9. Behaviour Counselling for Children. Teachers learn about Zein’s process for behavioural counselling, including the skills required to support children with behavioural needs that are new or challenging for the teacher and/or group.

10. Providing positive leadership. This interactive training helps staff identify personal strengths & weaknesses, how to evaluate their actions & behaviours, and how to create & find joy in the workplace. 

11.  Supporting your physical and mental wellbeing at work and home. This training is about optimising the physical and mental wellbeing of Zein staff.

12. What If scenarios. In this interactive workshop, educators receive guidance on how to respond to a variety of circumstances and situations which may seem concerning, complicated, or outside of normal expectations.

13. Protecting the health and safety of the Zein community. Working in childcare, your priority is the health and safety of the children in your care. This training breaks down the most important health, safety and emergency procedures staff must adhere to and execute when necessary. 

14. Being brand ambassadors and digital communicators. In the first part of this module, staff learn what it means to be a brand ambassador. In the second session, educators explore the functionality of the Konnect app, used daily by parents and staff to communicate with both colleagues and parents, and to request and process extra days or swaps etc. 

Programme Training

15. Developing an integrated programme for ages 6-12. 

16. Developing an integrated programme for ages 0-5. 

If you’re interested in working for Zein, but you do not have a qualification formally recognised by the Dutch childcare authorities, you may like to consider the Zein International Talent Programme which offers an alternative entry route for talented future colleagues.

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