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Staff Reflections - Nienke

Staff Reflections - Nienke


Position :  Assistant Day Care Manager​
Nationality: Dutch
Languages: Dutch, English, French, German
Length of Time at Zein: Since November 2014


Being a Dutch native fluent in English, with a basic understanding of French and German, I feel very much at home in the international environment Zein Child Care offers.

Working at Zein Child Care appeals to me because of the personal attention paid to the children, which is made possible by the small groups. This combined with academically schooled personnel and the effort to provide the children with the same caregivers as much as possible makes Zein the home away from home where I love to be one of the people to help the children achieve their best. In addition to this, I am very impressed by the way the company has an eye for local entrepreneurs and in various manners pays attention to minding their environmental footprint.

My colleagues have various backgrounds, with respect to both culture and education, but we all work hard and are passionate about what we do, which creates a fantastic team atmosphere to work in every day. 

The Estate is a wonderful location to work: it is easy to reach by both car and public transport and it is quite near the city centre of The Hague as well as the beach of Scheveningen. We have an amazing garden where the children can play to their hearts’ content but where we also teach them about growing the fruits and vegetables they have for breakfast and lunch. The spacious classrooms with different learning zones offer entertainment and learning opportunities at the same time. Last but certainly not least, we have excellent kitchen facilities to our disposal where our lovely chef prepares delicious meals from fresh, organic products.