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Staff Reflections - Dechie

Staff Reflections - Dechie


Position :  Day Care Practitioner​
Nationality: Filipino
Languages: English, Dutch (A2 level), Visayan and Tagalog​
Length of Time at Zein: Since December 2014

Originally from the Philippines, I have been living in the Netherlands for almost 3 years now. I used to teach an older age group in my home country, but it is working with younger children that has caught my heart the most.  My passion with younger age group started when I worked as a Kindergarten teacher in Thailand. I worked there for 3 years before I came to the Netherlands. 

I joined Zein childcare in December 2014. When I was job-hunting, I knew that working in a Dutch daycare was out of the question because of my Dutch language level was not yet sufficient. Then finally I found an International firm that uses English as a medium of instruction and communication – in such a short time of living here I never would have expected to land a job which I love as much as this.

Working at Zein is fun and exciting. Our international clients and colleagues have given me the opportunity to get to know different cultures, languages and countries. Zein childcare gives me the feeling of belongingness - just like a family. Despite of our different origins, our opinions/ideas are heard and respected. Zein childcare has also helped me upgrade my knowledge and skills in childcare through company trainings.

Working and living in the Netherlands is a life-turning experience for me. The weather and the culture is so different from the country where I come from.  My country is always warm and the sun rises from 6 am and sets at 6pm but here is not the same. In the Netherlands you can address your boss or manager using their first name which I find nice because there seems to be no superiority - everyone is treated equally. At the moment, I also do volunteer teaching to the nursery and kindergarten group in our church, which I really enjoy.

I also find it very fascinating to go to work, school the shops or even to the beach by bike safely on the road – this is something I never could have experienced this in my country.  I also really enjoy the seasons -  the flowers are so beautiful especially in the spring and I love how the colors of the trees change in the Autumn…