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Staff Reflections - Andreas

Staff Reflections - Andreas

Andreas Christodoulou

Position :  Out of School Care Practitioner​
Nationality: Greek Cypriot
Languages:  Greek, English (​Dutch & French)
Length of Time at Zein: Since July 2012


My name is Andreas, I come from Cyprus and I speak Greek, English, a little bit of Dutch and a tiny little bit of French. I have HAD the joy of working in Zein child care for 8 years now!

When I first arrived in the Netherlands, 5 years ago, to do my Masters in Child and Adolescent Psychology, I never imagined that I could stay here for so long - or that I could find such a lovely job which would make me feel like I was part of an extended family. When I arrived here I had some friends who were working at Zein and they told me what a nice environment it was and they suggested I should apply for a position. Knowing the unlimited love I have for children and feeling that I have a lot to offer them I decided to do just that.

I soon came to appreciate that my colleagues and I are actually very much like the children who come to our after school care - born in a different country and then going to another one to live/work/go to school.  This helps build a special bond and connection between us because we know how it feels to be away from your family and friends, and to face the challenges of not communicating in your mother tongue and everything else living in a new culture includes.

For that reason (not to mention the high quality of the service we provide, the fun activities, camps and trips we offer, the homey environment and the healthy meals we provide) I would say to parents considering sending their child to us that we know exactly how it feels to be away from home and we will do our best to make their precious children feel like they're home too!

There is no greater joy than giving love, support and guidance to these children. Each and every one of them is so unique, and life brought us all together from all over the world, to be a family and care for each other and do our best to develop socially and emotionally together.

If you truly love children and if you genuinely want to offer everything you have to offer to them and if you like working in an international environment which will provide you with important guidance on how to do so, like frequent seminars and trainings then Zein Child Care is a good place for you!”