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A Winter Wonderland at Zein

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A Winter Wonderland at Zein

A Winter Wonderland at Zein
Monday, February 15, 2021

Zein International Childcare Children enjoy winter weather at day care.As Zein prepared to welcome children back to day care and pre-school after the closure period, Zein’s natural play gardens were transformed into snow-filled wonderlands – with some children even seeing snow for the first time! 

After a stressful year for many, seeing the delight and wonder on children’s faces as they played in the snow was so magical. We wrapped up in our warmest winter clothing to enjoy making snow people, snow angles and even throwing a snowball or two in the wonderland! Zein's locations look beautiful throughout the year, however with a sprinkle of snow, blue skies and laughing children the picture was idyllic. 

Snow brings opportunities for discovery, adventure and stimulating imagination. Zein's teachers made the most of the opportunity to stimulate their play, learning and physical development by integrating snowy-sensory play into learning experiences. Children enjoy the snow outside during winter spell at Zein International Childcare. It's also no surprise that the cuddly polar bear was the most popular toy last week during indoor play time

Whilst snowy days don't come around too often in The Hague, our children get to enjoy outdoor play in our beautiful and spacious natural gardens throughout the year.