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Welcome Kiwis! The Estate Opens a New Bilingual Day Care Group

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Welcome Kiwis! The Estate Opens a New Bilingual Day Care Group

Welcome Kiwis! The Estate Opens a New Bilingual Day Care Group
Friday, September 3, 2021

Beautiful day care room at Zein International ChildcareZein International Childcare opens a new bilingual day care group in Benoordenhout

Next week, on Monday 6 September, we will open a new day care group, the Kiwis, at The Estate in Benoordenhout. We are excited to offer a greater provision for families choosing bilingual day care at Zein. 

Successful bilingual programme

The Kiwis will join the Blueberries/Bosbesjes and Raspberries/Framboosjes groups which started offering bilingual care in April 2021. The Estate followed in the footsteps of The Little Castle in Voorburg & The Willows in Leidschenveen which have offered bilingual care since 2018. Jehanne Finnies, Assistant Manager of The Estate location, explains: “Opening Bilingual groups at Zein the Estate has been a great and successful exercise for both the children and the teachers. The children are integrating very well into the combined Dutch - English programme.”

Equal distribution English & Dutch throughout the day
Similar to our English-speaking groups, the bilingual groups follow Zein’s unique Early Childhood Curriculum (click for more info). To completely immerse the children in both languages throughout each day, songs and nursery rhymes during meal and clean up time are conducted in both English and Dutch, while the main activities of the day and the twice daily circle times are delivered in either Dutch or English. 

Our well-known welcoming, warm & homely surroundings
We are looking forward to welcoming new children into The Kiwis group and will ensure that all children are comfortable in their new, homely surroundings. Our day care programme offers a Vertical Group Integration approach for children from ages 0 – 4 years. Vertical grouping mimics the home environment where siblings co-exist side by side and happily interact and learn from each other. Each day care room has space for free play, areas to eat, sleep and learn, as well as a safe space dedicated to the youngest children to play and relax.
We would like to extend our thanks to all involved in the renovation of the new day care room and look forward to seeing it filled with happy, relaxed children! 

Three of our four Day Care locations currently offer bilingual provision: The EstateThe Little Castle and The Willows. If you would like to arrange a visit at any of our childcare locations, click here.