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Welcome Back to Zein Pre-School & Day Care!

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Welcome Back to Zein Pre-School & Day Care!

Welcome Back to Zein Pre-School & Day Care!
Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Children enjoy playing at Zein as they reintegrate to Day Care.

We were delighted to welcome children back to Zein again at the beginning of the week. It was lovely to see the rooms and playgrounds filled with smiling faces, and our teachers have enjoyed supporting the children in their reintegration to Day Care & Pre-School. 

As we welcomed the little ones back, we prioritised a smooth transition for all by focussing on the social and emotional wellbeing of children. This involved supporting parents and children alike by communicating positive habits for drop-off, recognising and accommodating changes to children's routines and offering additional support to children throughout the day.

We were happy to hear that the children enjoyed the Zein at Home videos and activities during the closure period. These were created to support children's learning and to help them stay connected to their teachers whilst at home. 

At The Willows, children and staff enjoyed 'Show and Tell' activities. Children could bring in a book they read or a fun craft they made with their parents or siblings at home, that they wished to share with their friends. In the group, they were able to 'Show and Tell' us all about it and how much fun it was! We also enjoyed seeing some cuddly new comforters that the children chose to bring in for naptime. As we move into the second and third week of being open, we will focus increasingly on Zein's award-winning programme.

In January Pre-schoolers children learned all about Travel and Transport in their Zein at Home Activity Guides. Throughout February and March, we will learn about each continent, discovering that children can come from many different places and that our Earth is big and beautiful. Day Care focused on welcoming the New Year in January. Now, we look forward to continuing our programme for February, The World Around Me, as we discuss our family, friends, community and environment. The theme for March is What makes me Special? We will learn about body parts, what happens inside the body, the five senses and how to stay healthy!