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Sustainable Activity Sheet

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Sustainable Activity Sheet

Sustainable Activity Sheet
Wednesday, July 7, 2021

In summer we enjoy the great outdoors, but it’s also important that we do what we can to take care of our environment. The activity sheet below lists various activities that are also learning opportunities for your children throughout summer!


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Seed Ball Recipe:

Materials: Wildflower seeds, peat-free compost, water, powdered clay & a mixing bowl.

Instructions: Add 1 cup of seeds, 5 cups of compost and 2-3 cups of clay powder to a bowl. Slowly mix in water with your hands until everything sticks together. Roll the mixture into firm balls and leave them to dry in the sun. Plant your seeds by throwing the balls into bare parts of the garden and wait to see what pops up! Look out for butterflies and bees that pollinate the flowers!

Cardboard Car Recycling Project:

This is a great project for children interested in crafts and transport! Make the car as large or as small as you think will be manageable for your child. If your child is ambitious they could make a car to sit/play in!

Materials: various cardboard boxes, paper tape, glue, scissors and paint to decorate.

Instructions: Use the largest box you have for the body of the car. Seal the box with tape and draw on doors, a windshield, windows and other features. Stick on smaller boxes to create wing mirrors, lights, a steering wheel, seats etc. Be as creative as you can! Allow the glue to dry and paint to decorate. Once the paint is dry, you can play with/in your car – depending on the size!

You can also see some tips on teaching children how to sew here, easy to grow herbs for kids here and more activities for learning about recycling here

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