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The Summer Olympics are Nearly Here!

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The Summer Olympics are Nearly Here!

The Summer Olympics are Nearly Here!
Monday, July 19, 2021

Summe childcare ideas - sport themed activities. The Summer Olympics are nearly here! Whether your child is a future football star, a bouncing gymnast or prefers the magic of the opening ceremony, we can all get excited about what is to come. These Zein at Home activities are all related to the Olympics and will get kids of all ages engaged in the event!  

For a little history, learn all about the origins of the Olympic Games. The first Olympics took place in Ancient Greece, and whilst the sports were quite different back then (for example, chariot racing!), the athletes competed for glory and to demonstrate their athletic prowess. Read more here!

This summer, the Olympics will be held in Japan! You could do a Japanese themed day and eat noodles or sushi, learn about the famous landmarks and the different regions of the nation. Watch clips of the Olympic Torch Relay as athletes and locals carry the torch through the country. This takes place every Olympic cycle!

More than 196 countries take part in the Olympics! Are there some countries you haven’t heard of? Get an atlas or a map of the world and look at where these countries are. What are their flags? What is their population? Some small countries are incredibly successful in certain sports and it means a lot to them to be represented at the Olympics! Print out this blank flag image and colour it in with your favourite flag – or create your own. Don’t forget about the opening ceremony where each participating nation will carry its flag.

Sports themed colouring worksheet.
Olympic Activities Colouring Sheet

Speaking of sports, there are 46 different sports at the Olympics this year. Learn about the different sports – there are 46! In this Olympics, there are 6 new sports: surfing, karate, sport climbing, skateboarding, baseball and softball. Which sports do you enjoy? Are they being played at the Olympics? If you want to learn about the different sports, visit the Olympic Games website to watch their minute-long introductory videos to each sport.

For some arts and crafts, print out some different Olympics sheets and colour them in! Click here to download a pdf with various Olympic Scenes, including Olympians and Paralympians, different sports and the Olympic Torch!

Finally, have you heard about the Paralympic Games? Athletes with an impairment participate in 23 sports. In 2016, 4,328 athletes from 159 nations and regions participated! Find out more about Paralympic sports here!

As we enjoy the Olympics this summer, some of our Day Care children will also enjoy Olympic activities in their rewarding and varied programme!