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A Summer of Fun for Bear at The Willows Day Care

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A Summer of Fun for Bear at The Willows Day Care

A Summer of Fun for Bear at The Willows Day Care
Thursday, July 15, 2021

Children at The Willows have been excited to share their learning journey with Bear this month - and we look forward to seeing more of Bear's adventures throughout the summer! 

This month, the Willows Day Care children have been working on the Summer Travels theme! Each week, they have learned about a new topic – so far we have discussed Weather, Going on Holidays and Transport. Activities throughout July have included creating our own weather chart to learn about changes in the weather, enjoying outdoor yoga and talking about where we go in the summer and what we pack to go on Holiday.

The Hague Childcare learning through themed play at day care.
Children at The Willows Day Care help prepare Bear for a holiday!










Bear joined children at the beginning of July and children have enjoyed sharing the learning journey with their new friend who gives them the opportunity to put what they learn into practice. 

  • We prepared for all sorts of weather this summer and created a weather chart! Children particularly enjoyed making their own rainbows.  
  • We learned that for the summer holidays also need to pack sun cream, a swimming costume, a sun hat, a book and much more in our suitcase. The children decided that Bear would enjoy a camping holiday, so they packed a suitcase with all the essentials - including a tent!   
  • During Transport week, we learned about the different ways you can travel to your holiday destination and Bear chose to travel by plane. Naturally, the Willows children built a plane themselves and enjoyed decorating it in their favourite colours!
  • We also decided as a group which activities Bear would enjoy whilst on holiday. The theme for week 4 is Water Fun, so it is fitting that Bear will look forward to swimming and fishing! Bear will also enjoy eating delicious picnics with friends (can spot Bear's duck friend in the background?)

We look forward to seeing more of Bear this Summer! 

Themed learning about summer holidays at day care in The Hague.








Bear’s travels are just one example of how learning and educational experiences are created through Zein’s play-way learning and themed approach. The monthly themes and weekly topics offer plenty of opportunities for repetition and learning within a real-life context. For more information about Zein’s Day Care programme, click here.