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Starting this April: Bilingual Groups at The Estate Day Care in Benoordenhout

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Starting this April: Bilingual Groups at The Estate Day Care in Benoordenhout

Starting this April: Bilingual Groups at The Estate Day Care in Benoordenhout
Monday, March 1, 2021

With a large number of parents expressing interest in bilingual Dutch - English childcare, and following a successful pilot, a bilingual option will be offered for ages 0-4 at multiple locations across The Hague area from early April, all in addition to the fully English-speaking groups. 

tweetalig kinderdagverblijf den haagGoing bilingual 
The addition of bilingual childcare to our award-winning programme, designed to promote social-emotional competencies and prepare children for life beyond Zein, is a natural step. The demand for bilingual care at our locations has grown in recent years, as long-stay expat families residing in The Hague and internationally-minded local families increasingly recognise the benefits of a bilingual upbringing.  

As the leading international childcare provider in the Netherlands, we are proud of the support our teachers offer children growing up in a foreign language environment. Using this experience, Zein launched a bilingual pilot at the Little Castle in Voorburg, where parents and staff have experienced how children can be taught confidence and skill in switching from English to Dutch and vice versa with ease.  

Building on this success, we will extend our bilingual services to give new and current families a choice whether they want their child to follow Zein’s pedagogic programmes in a fully English-speaking group or a bilingual group in which Dutch and English are spoken and supported for consistent exposure to both languages. 

So much more than a language 
Zein is a place where children feel at home, where they can explore their interests, grow in confidence and ability, and make friends. The addition of bilingual childcare to our portfolio offers so much more than the option between international or Dutch education. Research into bilingualism shows that children raised bilingually (or multilingually) are more open-minded, have better problem-solving skills and adapt better to different environments than their monolingual counterparts. Bilingualism is the perfect complement to our international community of children, parents and staff - where worlds come together through a programme which focusses on growing up in a world with fading national borders and celebrating different cultures. 

Want to know more about the benefits bilingual childcare can bring, or are you interested in how and where the service is provided? Click here for more information or to book a visit