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Pre-School Class of 2021

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Pre-School Class of 2021

Pre-School Class of 2021
Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Each summer, we say goodbye to the children at Pre-School and Day Care who are ready to move on to 'Big School'. Whilst we usually celebrate with a Graduation ceremony, this year we had a smaller celebration within the groups to commemorate the end of their time at Pre-School.


Pre-School children graduate from Zein International Childcare in The Hague.

Throughout the year, our caring Pre-School teachers prepare children for life at ‘Big School’. By building early numeracy and literacy skills children are prepared for the beginning of their academic careers. We have fun counting everything: buttons on coats, stairs, how many steps it takes to reach the kitchen. We point out common numbers, such as your child’s age, on the calendar, house numbers and number plates on cars and we also learn to recognise letters and our names. We also encourage the children to love books; each day we read a story together.

But preparing for school isn’t just about learning letters and numbers! We focus on the social-emotional skills that will help children to thrive in a school setting – we teach and practise skills like sharing, taking turns, listening, following instructions, and playing with other children. We give many opportunities for the big children to stand in front of the class and talk or sing a song for their friends which helps them to grow in confidence.

“As parents, it has been the best decision for us to enrol our son at your Pre-school, especially seeing the impact it has had on his understanding of people and learning as a whole. While it is the beginning of his Big School journey, it is also a sad moment as he is nearing his last days at Zein. He often talks about his teachers and he is fond of going to Pre-School. We would like to thank all the teachers who have helped him - we will always be grateful for your guidance.” Pre-School Parent, 2021

Our goal is for pre-schoolers to have an amazing time at Zein. Based on experience and feedback from parents, we know that the transition to the ‘Big School’ is relatively smooth for Zein Pre-School graduates. Zuzana Kondor, Pre-School Manager & Pedagogic Coach at Zein, offers several handy tips for families starting ‘Big School’ in September:

  1. Discuss with the children what to expect at school
  2. If possible, attend a school orientation day.
  3. Purchase school supplies together with your youngster (school bag, lunch boxes, gym shoes).
  4. Talk about making new acquaintances and learning new things from new teachers.
  5. Create a new routine.
  6. Encourage children to think positively.

We wish our Class of 2021 the best of luck as they graduate and set forth on a new adventure in September - and look forward to seeing many familiar faces return as they start at Zein After School Care, too!