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Pre-School Children Enjoy Animal Activities

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Pre-School Children Enjoy Animal Activities

Pre-School Children Enjoy Animal Activities
Monday, October 18, 2021

Day care children enjoy themed learning opportunities at Zein International Childcare. Last month we welcomed children back to Pre-School after a summer break. Children followed the 'Back to Pre-School' theme as they settled into their routines one again. During the autumn quarter, we will focus on the basics of colours and shapes, look at the animals around us - how they move, what they look like and where they live!

Our Pre-School rooms were filled with the sights and sounds of animals last week! During our weekly gym lesson, we pretended to be animals, and enjoyed crawling, running and hopping!

At the craft table, we learned that the cheetah is the fastest animal, and made our own cheetahs, caterpillars and snakes. We compared the animals and learned opposites - some animals are tall, some are small, some have soft fur, others have a hard shell! 

Whilst learning about each theme, we also learn key skills such as learning and understanding numbers, colours and shapes. Whilst we assembled our caterpillar, we counted the sections in its body, we recognised that the sections were circles and now as also know that cheetahs are yellow and black! We also practice core motor skills - using safety scissors to cut out the caterpillar helps children achieve hand and finger milestones, whilst also consolidating the shape of a circle. 

As always, there is space for creativity and building social skills. Children interact with one another as they learn through play - imagining themselves to be the animals they are learning about as they slither around the room hissing like a snake, or running as fast as they can (on all fours) like a cheetah! 

We are excited to see what else our Pre-Schoolers get up to this quarter - keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our Latest News page and to learn more about the Pre-School curriculum click here