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Potential new Day Care location in Voorburg

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Potential new Day Care location in Voorburg

Potential new Day Care location in Voorburg
Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Huis te Verve in Voorburg

We are excited to announce that we have secured a long term lease on a stunning listed location in Voorburg - one of The Hague's most popular residential suburbs for international families. Huis de Werve is a beautiful monumental building set in over 4,500 m2 of mature gardens. With extensive on-site parking and in an excellent state of repair, the building offers the perfect opportunity for us to provide an outstanding childcare location to internationally minded families in the area.

As with any 'change of use' applications, there are a number of criteria which will need to be met in order for our plans to become reality, but we are busy with the permitting process and are working closely with the Gemeente Leidschendam-Voorburg to try and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.  Throughout this process we are also keeping in close contact with local residents to answer questions and provide as much information as possible on their future plans for the site. 

Tracy Tigchelaar, Director of Business Development, explains - "We are very excited about this potential opportunity to bring our services to the Voorburg area. We have already held one information evening for neighbours and we will be holding a second one on location early in 2017, to explain our plans in more detail. If all goes well, we hope to gain permission to proceed and ultimately open our doors at the beginning of 2018. This beautiful new location will provide four Day Care groups for children aged 0-4 years, and possibly a small Pre-School group, for internationally minded families in the Voorburg area and beyond.”

We are experienced in renovating and remodelling listed properties, having purchased ‘The Estate’ - the well-known Renswoudehuis in Benoordenhout New Day care location in Voorburgsome 6 years ago.  We are also working closely with an experienced architect to ensure all the necessary restrictions regarding changes to a listed property are adhered to, and that our plans are in line with the guidelines of the relevant authorities, right from the start. Whilst 'The Estate' required almost total renovation, our plans for Huis de Werve are less extensive - some general internal remodelling and redecorating should be all that is required to transform the building into a stunning childcare centre.  

The outside space will also be carefully and thoughtfully developed to ensure that the existing view from the road remains more or less unchanged.  Safety features by the water will be hidden in hedges and the play areas will be largely concealed behind large areas of mature shrubbery.  In addition, we are well known for using only natural materials in our outdoor play and learning spaces, so there will be no unsightly brightly coloured permanent playground equipment in sight.

Further details on this potential new Voorburg location can be found on the Huis de Werve page.