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Photography Summer Camp - Developing Skills and Passions

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Photography Summer Camp - Developing Skills and Passions

Photography Summer Camp - Developing Skills and Passions
Monday, July 5, 2021

Experienced childcare professional and children enjoying summer camp. In the run-up to Summer, we look forward to the new adventures that await children who attend Zein International Childcare’s themed and multi-activity day camps. One of the most popular camps is each year is Photography Camp – children love learning new skills and seeing the beautiful photos they have taken throughout the week. At camp, children learn how to use a camera, understand how light influences photos and discover how using different techniques produces very different images! The week concludes with an opportunity for campers to show off their work, with an exposition of photos.

We spoke to Thamy Gibson about her passion for both photography and childcare – as an After School Care teacher at Zein and a professional photographer, she is the perfect fit to lead Zein’s Photography Camp!

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What is the first photograph you remember taking?

To honest, I can’t remember the first photo, but I do remember playing with one of my parents’ old cameras when I was very young. I remember loving looking at family photo albums and talking about the stories behind the pictures.

What is your background in photography?

I took Photography classes during my time at University – when they finished, I realised it wasn’t enough. I wanted to learn much more, so I decided to do a professional photography course. I have been a professional photographer for many years alongside my career in childcare.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

I think my passion for photography, my desire to learn and understand more about it, is what inspired me the most. I love looking at pictures and remembering the stories behind each click. I love the fact that we can make special moments eternal through pictures.

Beautiful photographs taken by children at Zein International Childcare Summer Camp.
Photos taken during previous camps










What is your favourite part of teaching photography?

I love, absolutely love, seeing the kids get excited when they learn a new trick with the camera. I also love to see the result after – it always makes me so proud to see the pictures they take.

How do you decide which techniques and skills to teach children at camp?

For our big kids, I thought about what I learned during the photography courses I took. Techniques and experiments they would find interesting and would be able to learn to do by themselves, such as using exposure times to ‘Paint with Light’ and ‘Panning’ to create a sense of speed around a moving object.

For the little ones, I carefully plan the best age-appropriate activities and I also spoke with one of my former photography teachers and asked her for tips about how to make the Photography Camp a memorable experience for the little and big kids alike!

What does it mean to you to teach photography during Zein Summer camps?

It means I can do two things I love! I love working with kids and teaching them new things. I am also passionate about photography. To be able to combine them during Summer Camps is just amazing. I honestly feel like I’m having as much fun as they are and that I am also enjoying a holiday with them.

Click here to find out more about this year’s Photography Camp, and for registration click here! We look forward to seeing you at camp!