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Our second group of International Talent

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Our second group of International Talent

Our second group of International Talent
Friday, November 10, 2017

We are proud to welcome the 2nd group of talent to the Zein Academy International Talent Programme (ITP)!

Reflecting diversity
At Zein we believe that the best way to serve our diverse community is by ensuring that the people working for us reflect the same level of diversity themselves. This approach is about their ability to empathize with the experiences and challenges faced by international mobile children and their families - adding a richness to the care they provide. 

Official accreditation
Via the ITP training scheme, we support well qualified educators or otherwise experienced individuals from other countries in achieving the official level of skill accreditation required by the Dutch authorities through a combination of on the job training and a personal training portfolio. 

Welcome to the Zein professional family ITP team! Find out more about Zein’s International Talent Programme here: