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At Zein we believe that nutrition is one of the most important aspects of a child's development. We employ a qualified chef on each location to work in our professional kitchen, ensuring that the children in our care are provided with freshly prepared nutritious food. We make it a priority to ensure that every child in our care eats as healthily as possible and experiences a wide range of tastes, textures and culinary combinations. 

In line with our commitment to your child's overall well-being we serve wholesome and healthy snacks to our Pre-School children during their morning or afternoon session. Our menu includes lots of fresh fruits, organic vegetables, organic milk, lots of fresh water, fresh meats and fish and so on. 

The children even grow their own organic fruits and vegetables in our gardens and then help the full time chef prepare healthy and delicious snacks for them to enjoy. The harvesting and preparation of food - even in its most basic of forms - is a great example of how we turn everyday tasks into a learning opportunity for our children.