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November at Pre-School: learning about animals that swim

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November at Pre-School: learning about animals that swim

November at Pre-School: learning about animals that swim
Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Themed learning through water play activitiesSo far this quarter, our Pre-Schoolers have enjoyed learning about the animals around us - how they move, what they look like and where they live! Last week, we made a splash and focussed on animals that swim.  

Splish splash splosh! Last week we learned all about animals that swim. We are lucky to have a fish tank at our location so children were able to start the week by looking at the aquarium where many colourful fish live. We identified the colours and also counted the fish, but it was difficult as they wouldn't stop swimming. Our Pre-Schoolers usually enjoy counting games, but this was particularly fun because we had to keep restarting as we couldn't remember which fish we had already included! This was a great opportunity for children to test their short term memory and spatial awareness as they practised their numbers. 

After watching the fish swim, we were interested in how different animals move in the water. We discovered that one of the fastest animals is an orca, one of the slowest animals is a seahorse and that eels can even swim backwards! We mimicked all different kinds of movements, pretending to be an orca who moves very fast, then a very... slow.... seahorse... floating... around... and we even practised walking backwards, which was so much fun! Though we had to be careful not to bump into each other! 

We learned the letter “F” for fish and even practiced fishing with our magnet aquarium game. At the craft table, the children made a colourful fish, and learned about the different colours they were using. We looked closely at the skin and scales of different animals that swim and discussed many opposites: wet/dry, hard/soft, bright/dark, smooth/prickly.

We are excited to see next month's activities as our theme for Pre-School is Fantasy & Fairy Tales which is always so popular! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our Latest News page and to learn more about the Pre-School curriculum click here