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Welcome Kiwis! The Estate Opens a New Bilingual Day Care Group

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Friday, September 3, 2021

Beautiful day care room at Zein International ChildcareZein International Childcare opens a new bilingual day care group in Benoordenhout

Next week, on Monday 6 September, we will open a new day care group, the Kiwis, at The Estate in Benoordenhout. We are excited to offer a greater provision for families choosing bilingual day care at Zein. 

Successful bilingual programme

The Kiwis will join the Blueberries/Bosbesjes and Raspberries/Framboosjes groups which started offering bilingual care in April 2021. The Estate followed in the footsteps of The Little Castle in Voorburg & The Willows in Leidschenveen which have offered bilingual care since 2018. Jehanne Finnies, Assistant Manager of The Estate location, explains: “Opening Bilingual groups at Zein the Estate has been a great and successful exercise for both the children and the teachers. The children are integrating very well into the combined Dutch - English programme.”

Equal distribution English & Dutch throughout the day
Similar to our English-speaking groups, the bilingual groups follow Zein’s unique Early Childhood Curriculum (click for more info). To completely immerse the children in both languages throughout each day, songs and nursery rhymes during meal and clean up time are conducted in both English and Dutch, while the main activities of the day and the twice daily circle times are delivered in either Dutch or English. 

Our well-known welcoming, warm & homely surroundings
We are looking forward to welcoming new children into The Kiwis group and will ensure that all children are comfortable in their new, homely surroundings. Our day care programme offers a Vertical Group Integration approach for children from ages 0 – 4 years. Vertical grouping mimics the home environment where siblings co-exist side by side and happily interact and learn from each other. Each day care room has space for free play, areas to eat, sleep and learn, as well as a safe space dedicated to the youngest children to play and relax.
We would like to extend our thanks to all involved in the renovation of the new day care room and look forward to seeing it filled with happy, relaxed children! 

Three of our four Day Care locations currently offer bilingual provision: The EstateThe Little Castle and The Willows. If you would like to arrange a visit at any of our childcare locations, click here.

Zein at Home Activity: Time Capsule

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Back to school time capsule activityThe beginning of a new school year is a wonderful time to think about what lies ahead and to set goals! Creating a time capsule is a fun project for your child - fill it at the beginning of the school year, and open at the end. 

The following are included on this Time Capsule Activity Sheet:  

  • Measure and record your child's height, note their hair colour and shoe size.  
  • Trace your child's hand on a piece of paper at the beginning of the year. Trace over it at the end of the year with another colour to see how much it has grown!  
  • Write down your favourite song, book, animal etc!  
  • Write about your friends  
  • Make a prediction about the school year.  
  • Write about a current event or place a news clipping from the beginning of the year. Do the same at the end of the year! E.g. What inspired you during the Olympics?  
  • Write a note to yourself to read later! It could be a funny story to make yourself laugh, a piece of advice, or about something you want to achieve!  

Other ideas  

  • Take a photo of your child during their first week of school. 
  • Put a memento from the summer holidays in the box 
  • You could write a letter to your child to open at the end of the school year – or ask a family member to. 
  • And more...! Include as much as you want, the more items you include, the more fun you’ll have later opening it. Be imaginative and ask your child what they'd like to include.  

Once the items have been gathered, place them in a sturdy container and write a note on the top of the opening date. Store the container in a high place so your child isn't tempted to open it early and enter a reminder in your calendar, so you don't forget about the opening date!  

Now for the exciting part – on the date you set, open the box! This will be exciting for you and your child! Encourage them to reflect on how they have changed, and what they have achieved in the year.  

When you're done looking through the items in the time capsule, place some keepsakes from the school year into the box, for example small art projects that your child felt especially proud of, photos from After School Care and one of them on their last day of school. Keep the box as a memento to look back at in the future.  

Applications Open for International Talent Programme Autumn 2021

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Apply now to Zein International Childcare - for experienced childcare professionals. We are pleased to share that applications for our next International Talent Programme (ITP), to be held in autumn 2021, are now open! If you are interested in a career in international childcare, but not qualified to work with children in the Netherlands? We may have the answer!

Why choose the ITP?

Each time we run the International Talent Programme, we invite passionate, caring and experienced childcare professionals (both Dutch and international!) to  obtain the necessary qualifications to work in childcare in the Netherlands.

Martina, an ITP graduate from the Spring Class of 2020, explains why she chose to follow the ITP: "Zein represents the opportunity to pursue what truly makes me accomplished in my work: being an international childcare teacher at a childcare in line with my own philosophy. I strongly believe in Zein’s education-based Montessori pedagogy and Reggio Emilia approach in a natural surrounding where every child can feel at home."

What does it entail?

Our ITP candidates follow an in-house training scheme and receive on-the-job training under the guidance of experienced Zein professionals. This combination allows you to effectively back up your own qualifications with experience and training that will allow you to work in international childcare at Zein. By entering the EVC procedure through this programme, you will also be allowed to skip the Dutch language element of the EVC process. Your training will be based in one of our locations around The Hague. Working on a daily basis within either Day Care or Out of School Care groups, you will receive on-job training under the guidance of experienced Zein professionals

The programme lasts 3-6 months, depending on your current experience/qualifications. When joining the scheme, you will be registered with the company that we work with in relation to the EVC procedure. Upon starting the programme, you will undertake a skills audit - the results of which will be used to create a tailor-made training programme for you. Additionally, you will be assigned a personal coach who will liaise with you throughout the education process, provide help and advice on the modules you will need to complete and competence-based evidence you will need to gather.

How do I apply? 

We have already held our ITP Information Session via Zoom, but even if you didn't attend, you can still apply! Click here to find out more about the ITP and to apply, click here

Bear's Summer Holidays Come to an End

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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Day care children enjoy themed learning opportunities at Zein International Childcare. Bear's holiday may be coming to an end soon, but the fun hasn't stopped!

With the help of day care children at The Willows, Bear enjoyed lots of water activities, from fishing to swimming! Naturally, we all enjoyed a picnic together afterwards to replenish our energy and stayed hydrated by drinking plenty of water after splashing around! 

After a enjoying exciting watery activities, Bear then relaxed around a fireplace built by The Willows day care children and everybody shared their holiday stories. Bear and the children talked about what they had experienced this holiday -from getting a passport and flying on Willows Airlines, to learning about the importance of sun cream, and enjoying swimming and fishing. In short, Bear had a wonderful holiday and we all learned so much!

Before long, Bear started to yawn and we realised that it was time to sleep. Before everyone nodded off, Bear read a bedtime story to everyone. They all slept soundly in the tent and dreamed of their next holiday destinations!

As we come to the end of summer, we look forward to the beginning of the new school year and new themes! Keep an eye on our social media channels and our news page for more Day Care activities and themes! 

Zein at Home: Host your Own Olympic Games!

Monday, August 2, 2021

One way to get kids interested in the Olympic Games is to host your own event! See the activity suggestions on this Activity Sheet for a day of sporting and crafty fun! Invite friends to participate or enjoy together as a household.

Don't forget to share your Home Olympics photos with us!

Home activity for school aged children to celebrate the Olympics.





















If you're looking for a more inspiration for summer fun, take a look at our Themed & Multi Activity Summer Camps which are open to all children aged 4 to 12 in The Hague and beyond!

Bear's Summer Adventure Continues...

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Friday, July 30, 2021

Themed learning activities for international children at day care.Since deciding Bear would enjoy a fun camping holiday, and that flying was the preferred mode of transport, The Willows Children have helped Bear to settle into the campsite!

After picking out everything Bear needed to pack for a camping holiday, there was one thing left to do - prepare Bear's passport! The children had fun creating a passport and had a very important job - ensuring it was stamped for travel! 

Upon arrival at the campsite, Bear was very excited! The sun was shining and as the children know the importance of wearing sun cream, they helped Bear understand this, too. We hope the sun stays out, but we all know that camping isn't camping without a little rain - and we can read our book if it does!

Bear is very excited for the rest of the holiday and went to sleep in the tent with Little Ted, dreaming of all the adventures to come. We have a feeling there will be lots of swimming soon...

Bear's adventures are just one example of how Zein's themed and varied Day Care programme integrated real-life context into play-based learning. For more information about our award-winning programme, click here

The Summer Olympics are Nearly Here!

Monday, July 19, 2021

Summe childcare ideas - sport themed activities. The Summer Olympics are nearly here! Whether your child is a future football star, a bouncing gymnast or prefers the magic of the opening ceremony, we can all get excited about what is to come. These Zein at Home activities are all related to the Olympics and will get kids of all ages engaged in the event!  

For a little history, learn all about the origins of the Olympic Games. The first Olympics took place in Ancient Greece, and whilst the sports were quite different back then (for example, chariot racing!), the athletes competed for glory and to demonstrate their athletic prowess. Read more here!

This summer, the Olympics will be held in Japan! You could do a Japanese themed day and eat noodles or sushi, learn about the famous landmarks and the different regions of the nation. Watch clips of the Olympic Torch Relay as athletes and locals carry the torch through the country. This takes place every Olympic cycle!

More than 196 countries take part in the Olympics! Are there some countries you haven’t heard of? Get an atlas or a map of the world and look at where these countries are. What are their flags? What is their population? Some small countries are incredibly successful in certain sports and it means a lot to them to be represented at the Olympics! Print out this blank flag image and colour it in with your favourite flag – or create your own. Don’t forget about the opening ceremony where each participating nation will carry its flag.

Sports themed colouring worksheet.
Olympic Activities Colouring Sheet

Speaking of sports, there are 46 different sports at the Olympics this year. Learn about the different sports – there are 46! In this Olympics, there are 6 new sports: surfing, karate, sport climbing, skateboarding, baseball and softball. Which sports do you enjoy? Are they being played at the Olympics? If you want to learn about the different sports, visit the Olympic Games website to watch their minute-long introductory videos to each sport.

For some arts and crafts, print out some different Olympics sheets and colour them in! Click here to download a pdf with various Olympic Scenes, including Olympians and Paralympians, different sports and the Olympic Torch!

Finally, have you heard about the Paralympic Games? Athletes with an impairment participate in 23 sports. In 2016, 4,328 athletes from 159 nations and regions participated! Find out more about Paralympic sports here!

As we enjoy the Olympics this summer, some of our Day Care children will also enjoy Olympic activities in their rewarding and varied programme!

A Summer of Fun for Bear at The Willows Day Care

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Children at The Willows have been excited to share their learning journey with Bear this month - and we look forward to seeing more of Bear's adventures throughout the summer! 

This month, the Willows Day Care children have been working on the Summer Travels theme! Each week, they have learned about a new topic – so far we have discussed Weather, Going on Holidays and Transport. Activities throughout July have included creating our own weather chart to learn about changes in the weather, enjoying outdoor yoga and talking about where we go in the summer and what we pack to go on Holiday.

The Hague Childcare learning through themed play at day care.
Children at The Willows Day Care help prepare Bear for a holiday!










Bear joined children at the beginning of July and children have enjoyed sharing the learning journey with their new friend who gives them the opportunity to put what they learn into practice. 

  • We prepared for all sorts of weather this summer and created a weather chart! Children particularly enjoyed making their own rainbows.  
  • We learned that for the summer holidays also need to pack sun cream, a swimming costume, a sun hat, a book and much more in our suitcase. The children decided that Bear would enjoy a camping holiday, so they packed a suitcase with all the essentials - including a tent!   
  • During Transport week, we learned about the different ways you can travel to your holiday destination and Bear chose to travel by plane. Naturally, the Willows children built a plane themselves and enjoyed decorating it in their favourite colours!
  • We also decided as a group which activities Bear would enjoy whilst on holiday. The theme for week 4 is Water Fun, so it is fitting that Bear will look forward to swimming and fishing! Bear will also enjoy eating delicious picnics with friends (can spot Bear's duck friend in the background?)

We look forward to seeing more of Bear this Summer! 

Themed learning about summer holidays at day care in The Hague.








Bear’s travels are just one example of how learning and educational experiences are created through Zein’s play-way learning and themed approach. The monthly themes and weekly topics offer plenty of opportunities for repetition and learning within a real-life context. For more information about Zein’s Day Care programme, click here.

Sustainable Activity Sheet

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

In summer we enjoy the great outdoors, but it’s also important that we do what we can to take care of our environment. The activity sheet below lists various activities that are also learning opportunities for your children throughout summer!


Sustainable childcare in The Hague, childcare activity ideas and after school care.

Seed Ball Recipe:

Materials: Wildflower seeds, peat-free compost, water, powdered clay & a mixing bowl.

Instructions: Add 1 cup of seeds, 5 cups of compost and 2-3 cups of clay powder to a bowl. Slowly mix in water with your hands until everything sticks together. Roll the mixture into firm balls and leave them to dry in the sun. Plant your seeds by throwing the balls into bare parts of the garden and wait to see what pops up! Look out for butterflies and bees that pollinate the flowers!

Cardboard Car Recycling Project:

This is a great project for children interested in crafts and transport! Make the car as large or as small as you think will be manageable for your child. If your child is ambitious they could make a car to sit/play in!

Materials: various cardboard boxes, paper tape, glue, scissors and paint to decorate.

Instructions: Use the largest box you have for the body of the car. Seal the box with tape and draw on doors, a windshield, windows and other features. Stick on smaller boxes to create wing mirrors, lights, a steering wheel, seats etc. Be as creative as you can! Allow the glue to dry and paint to decorate. Once the paint is dry, you can play with/in your car – depending on the size!

You can also see some tips on teaching children how to sew here, easy to grow herbs for kids here and more activities for learning about recycling here

If you're looking to fill your child's summer with fun activities, they can join the adventure at Zein's multi-activity & themed Summer Camps! Themes range from Circus Camp and Arts & Crafts to Multi-Sports and Cookery Camp. 

A Summer Scavenger Hunt - Keeping Kids Active!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Click the below poster to enlarge. 

Summer childcare activities for home. Outdoor fun for school children.