Here Comes Happiness: Zein Children Share their Wishes for 2021

Children at Zein remind us of the small, happy and hopeful things in life that make us smile with their New Year’s wishes for 2021. 

With the end of the year approaching, we recently asked some of the children at Zein to share their New Year’s wishes. We had great fun thinking about all of the hopes we have for ourselves, our family, and friends.

Across all Zein’s services, Day CarePre-SchoolOut of School Care and Holiday Camps, we integrate real-world context into the programme using themes. Topics such as travel and transport, celebrations across the world, seasons and the human body are integrated into a play-way learning curriculum that focusses on building language, gross and fine motor skills as well as socio-emotional development.

Speaking to the children about their hopes for 2021 not only encourages them to look forward to 2021 with optimism and hope but also supports the development of socio-emotional skills. During the exercise, children think about and communicate their hopes verbally, they express their thoughts and emotions, listen to others’ hopes and know that when their turn comes to speak, they will be heard.

‘I wish everyone a great, happy holiday!’  Piyumi, 8. After School Care.

‘I wish for lots of water.’  The teachers asked why do you need so much water? ‘Because I am a goldfish!’ Nikolai, 3. Day Care.

‘I wish to have a balloon filled with water, so I can water my flowers in our garden.’ Morade, 6.  After School Care.

‘I wish to play a lot with my Dad. ‘  Cara, 3. Pre-School

At Zein, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a safe, happy environment for the children in our care. This is reflected in the positivity of the children’s wishes – even after a difficult year. Their optimism is inspiring and shows that all of us – even us adults – can find joy in the smallest of things.