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New Chef at The Estate

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New Chef at The Estate

New Chef at The Estate
Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Childcare organic foodEarlier this month we were delighted to welcome a new chef to our Estate location.

With a new chef come new ideas - and one of this week's new snacks was a rose shaped pastry with apple, cinnamon, and mango puree as a natural sweetener.

Having a full-time chef cooking for the children on-site not only ensures that the children eat healthy and organic meals, but it also allows the chef to work together closely with the teachers in the groups.  Together they discuss menus for the different age groups, gradually testing different tastes and textures to find out what the children like, and what they might like to try next.

We look forward to finding out what else is in store, but for now the rose pastries were a great success...!  


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