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Multi-Activity - Something for Everyone!

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Multi-Activity - Something for Everyone!

Multi-Activity - Something for Everyone!
Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Arts and crafts activitiesWith such a great variety of different fun, games and activities to choose from it is easy to see why our traditional Multi-Activity Camp remains one of our most popular holiday camp options. There is a Multi-Activity Camp running at a different Zein location every week of the Summer.  Although every camp has an outline plan of organised activities, the staff are always conscious of the need to provide a camp experience that takes account of both the mix of children attending and the weather that week.  After breakfast every camp day starts off with a camper meeting where the plan for the day is discussed and set. The children are always asked for their input and the teachers are happy to make adjustments to ensure that there will be 'something for everyone' that day.  Outdoor play at Zein day care

As Lisanne - one of our new camp leaders at The Estate explains - "Although we already split the children up into two separate groups based on ages (Young Explorers are typically 4-6 or 7 years and Great Adventurers from 7 or 8 to 12 years) we can still have quite a mix of ages, genders and interests in our team of campers.  This week, for example, we had a group of 'pre-teen' girls - all 11 and 12 years old, but at the same time there were also a number of younger boys. We knew it would be really important that we were flexible in the activities we planned. Older children need to feel like they have a greater sense of control over the way their day looks - and they also appreciate being given some responsibility for making decisions.  Judging by the smiles on the girls faces during the week - and by the feedback we received from them all, we got the balance just right! The older girls have had a great time.  They're coming back for Performing Arts Camp next week as well and we can't wait to have them!"

Multi-Activity Camps involve a wide range of organised sports and activities  and everyday day is different, as is every venue.  The field trips also play an important role in making the week a great fun experience for everyone. The camp is the perfect choice for those children who like flexibility and variety. Please visit this page for an overview of the Multi-Activity Camps planned this summer.

For a full photostream of this week's camp please visit our Flickr Feed

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