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Maples Pre-School opens its doors

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Maples Pre-School opens its doors

Maples Pre-School opens its doors
Friday, August 25, 2017

Today we completed a wonderful first week at our new Pre-School location ‘The Maples’. The excited boys and girls who joined our programme  enjoyed many friendship-building activities along with the sunny weather in the location’s beautiful playground. 

The handprint activity and the many songs during circle time sparked the children’s interest, and they were proud to present their first library book to their parents. Although there were still a few tears when mum or dad said their goodbyes in the morning, we’re confident the children will soon get used to their new pre-school routine - allowing them to enjoy their mornings at Zein to the fullest!

We wish our preschoolers many happy reading moments at home and we are looking forward to a great year! 

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