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The Maples Day Care and Pre-School explore the library

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The Maples Day Care and Pre-School explore the library

The Maples Day Care and Pre-School explore the library
Tuesday, May 29, 2018

We had a great week at the Maples Day Care as . Excursions are an important part of early learning as it does not only break everyday routine, but also bring forward new lessons about their own role as part of the local community.

Walking to the library
Along the way, the children walked beautifully, commenting on the many things they saw and heard and practiced their road safety on the walk there and back. Upon arriving at the library, the children were explained the rules and shown around and security landmarks were shown as per our risk assessment.

Searching the shelves
Inside, the children searched the shelves for books that interested them and asked Jolanda, Tunde, Sarah and Marie Lise to read them. The children enjoyed listening to the stories and exploring the library.

Story time
At some point, the children gathered together for story time with Sarah. While listening very carefully to the story ‘A squash and a squeeze’, they answered the questions that were asked throughout the book with no hesitation. Concluding the excursion, our Pre-Schoolers were invited to colour in pictures that related to the book ‘A squash and a squeeze’.

Part of the community
Activities like this, offer a valuable experience for the children to draw on several different aspects of learning; it enables children to understand that they are also part of the world, and thus the local community, outside the Zein doors.

Confident and involved learners
This activity relates to the Zein programme perfectly as the children are encouraged to become confident and involved learners by further developing their dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity. This is demonstrated in their excitement over the new books and investigating their way around the library.

By providing a range of opportunities for both the individual child and a shared experience amongst a group, our monthly programme is furthermore productive, encouraging, secure, respectful and puts focus on reciprocal relationships.