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The Palms (Amsterdam)

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The Palms (Amsterdam)

After School and Holiday Care location for students aged 4-12 of the International French School in Amsterdam 

Conveniently situated within the premises of the school, The Palms provides children with a warm and welcoming environment at the end of the school day and during the holidays! Within a spacious setting, children have access to a wide range of play equipment and activity materials to support a daily activity programme consisting of arts & crafts, sports, science activities, theatre, music and so much more....! A cosy corner provides opportunity to quietly read a book to unwind and recharge whilst the school's playground is used to release some energy with outdoor games and activities. 

The opening times of this location are tailored to the specific opening times and term dates of the French School in Amsterdam, providing after school care exclusively to the students of this school. During the holidays, the location is also open to students from other primary schools in the area. 

Interested? Please complete our visit & enquiry form and a member of our Admissions Team will be in touch with you very shortly, 


The Palms features:

  • Conveniently located within the safe premises of the French School in Amsterdam
  • Spacious facilities equipped for activities, homework time and snack and meals
  • Access to outdoor facilities of the school
  • Second, late pick-up allowing children to participate in the co-curricular clubs of the school
  • Freshly prepared organic and nutritious meals and snacks
  • Age appropriate furniture and equipment

and so much more...

Access & Parking

Conveniently located on the premises of the International French School in Amsterdam in Apollobuurt, The Palms can be reached in the following ways:

There is street parking available at The Palms, although it can understandably get busy during the peak drop off and pick up times.

This location can be reached by bike safely.

Anthonie van Dijckstraat 1, BG 1077 ME Amsterdam 

Opening Hours

Zein After School Care is open Monday to Friday until 19:00 on all school days of the International French School in Amsterdam.

During the holidays of the International French School in Amsterdam, we run our Zein Holiday Day Camps at this location from Mon - Fri from 08:30-19:00, with the exception of the official Dutch (public) holidays - when all Zein locations are closed. During the our Holiday Camps, The Palms is open to children from all international and Dutch schools.

Contact Details

For questions, please contact a member of our friendly team.

BY PHONE: +31 (0)70 200 2374

THE ADDRESS: Anthonie van Dijckstraat 1, BG 1077 ME Amsterdam