ITP Graduates Ramona

Ramona Ujvari

Location:  The Maples

Nationality: Hungarian

ITP Class: Spring 2020

What’s the best part of working in childcare?

I have always had a passion for taking care of children; my mother worked in childcare for 25 years and I have found joy in it since I started looking after children at the age of 16. I love to see children discovering new things every day – not only to witness their joy and excitement but also because it offers a whole new perspective for me. I teach children and I learn from them every single day.

Why did you choose Zein’s ITP?

I worked in childcare in The Netherlands before the ITP and always wanted the opportunity to extend my knowledge. When I attended the introduction day to find out more about Zein and their unique programme, I immediately knew that this was what I wanted and this would help me reach my goals.

What was the most important learning point for you throughout the training?

I like that Zein has a scenario for all of the challenging situations I could face during my work and they train me how to handle it. I gained a lot of confidence throughout training and from all the help that Zein teachers offered to me during my training period. This has made me more eager to reach the level they practice their profession.

What are you looking forward to achieving at Zein?

I feel I still have a lot to learn until I reach my potential as a childcare teacher. That is what I love in this field. I look forward to every day and what that day will bring to me. There is always something new and exciting and something to learn. I am enjoying the challenges I face and I am proud that with the training and knowledge I have now I am able to successfully handle them.