ITP Graduates Martina

Martina Raschi

Location:  The Little Castle

Nationality: Italian

ITP Class: Spring 2020

What’s the best part of working in childcare?

My favourite part of working in childcare is taking care of the social and emotional development of the children. Our influence is important in the first six years of children’s development. I am grateful to take care of their emotional states so that they grow up happy and confident.

Why did you choose Zein’s ITP?

Zein represents the opportunity to pursue what truly makes me accomplished in my work: being an international childcare teacher at a childcare in line with my own philosophy. I strongly believe in Zein’s education-based Montessori pedagogy and Reggio Emilia approach in a natural surrounding where every child can feel at home.

What was the most important learning point for you throughout the training?

The Choice System by Robbie Zein. It definitively changes the education methods of teachers and parents. It is a punishment-free guidance system to increase children’s self-esteem and make them happy Third Culture Kids.

What are you looking forward to achieving at Zein?

I will be a teacher who works with love, humanity, sweetness, empathy and devotion to create harmony in the classroom through my smile, patience and enthusiasm. My aim is to guarantee a safe space for a child to develop happiness, confidence, caring relationships with particular attention to their social and emotional development which is the foundation for learning many other skills.