February in Day Care: Learning About Earth and Space

February in Day Care: Learning About Earth and Space

Monday, February 28, 2022

Day care children enjoy themed learning opportunities at Zein International Childcare.
During February, our children at the Maples Day Care got to learn about ”Earth and Space”, our theme of the month. We discovered that there is so much to learn about space and the different planets as our teachers created an environment rich in diverse learning opportunities.

The first week was all about ‘Our Planet Earth’. We focussed on teamwork and sharing as we created a big Earth collage using recycled materials. As we were really proud of what we made, our collage went straight to our classroom wall, to remind us to take care of our planet together.

As a continuation to learning about life on our planet, we focussed on ‘Life in the Forest’ during the second week of February. Our brilliant children demonstrated that they already knew a lot about numerous creatures living in the forest and also enjoyed learning about other living things such as trees and plants. We used our imagination and created our own forest out of colourful paper. Which of the activities was the most fun…? Using bubble wrap to mix yellow and blue paint and create green – the colour of the forest! That was such a great sensorial experience for our youngest and older friends!

February was also a month of love and we just had to make something cute to surprise our lovely parents. We wanted to show off our clever minds, and what we had been learning about as part of our monthly theme, so we crafted colourful rocket ships and our teacher added a message saying: “I love you to the moon and back!”. We proudly presented the result to our parents, and made them so happy!

Following the Valentine’s celebrations, it was time to continue the month with learning about ‘Oceans and Lakes’ in the third week of February. It was absolutely amazing as our activities reminded us of the upcoming spring weather and playing at the beach. Because it was still a little cold outside, we organized our water play indoors and of course, we could not forget to include different water animal and plant toys. Our role-playing helped children with communication and language skills development – and sparked their creativity and imagination!

During the final week of February, we focused on the ‘Solar System’. It was amazing to see different pictures and read books about our planets. We realized together that planets have strange difficult names, but by the end of the week, we remembered all of them. In the garden, we played solar system role play and practised our gross motor skills as we pretended to spin around the sun. Great fun!

It was a wonderful experience to learn about space and our beautiful planet and we will enjoy and care for it for many years to come!

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