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"Everybody is funny!" - After School Care from a Child's Perspective

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"Everybody is funny!" - After School Care from a Child's Perspective

"Everybody is funny!" - After School Care from a Child's Perspective
Thursday, September 16, 2021

Tweetalige Kinderopvang den haagEarlier this month, we welcomed new and familiar faces to After School Care. Now they are settled, we asked them what they think about their experience at Zein! 


What do you like most about Zein? 

  • Playing outside! (Juan, 7 years) 
  • The fun activities! (Chamille, 5 years)
  • Playing with friends and at the football table! (Henry, 5 years)
  • Playing with friends and talking with the teachers, because they are the best in the world! (Kieron, 5 years)

Describe Zein in 3 words.

  • Yummy pasta Bolognese! (Juan, 7 years)
  • Fun, friends and toys! (Andrea, 10 years) 
  • Beautiful, Caring, Busy. (Maia, 9 years)

Describe a perfect afternoon at Zein.Bilingual after school care the hague

  • We arrive and we eat chilli con carne with gnocchi, we do the meeting together, then we do a baking activity and we play outside. (Esther, 8 years) 
  • Doing multiple baking activities and having a buffet! (Andrea (10 years) 
  • Making arts and crafts to decorate Zein! (Chamille, 5 years)

What's your wish for the world?

  • No more global warming! (Andrea, 10 years) 
  • For everyone to have the same rights. (Alina, 9 years) 
  • To be happy. (Kieron, 5 years)

What do you like about the kids and the teachers in your group?

  • Everybody is a bit silly and they have funny things to say. (Esther, 8 years)
  • The teachers are funny! (Andrea, 10 years) 
  • Whenever someone is sad the teachers come to help them. (Alina, 9 years)
  • Children are very nice and the teachers help me to know what’s wrong and right. (Kunga, 8 years) 

Discover more about what makes After School Care at Zein great - learn about our engaging programme or our bilingual after school care groupsBook a visit to discover what your child would enjoy about Zein!