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The day the firemen came to visit...

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The day the firemen came to visit...

The day the firemen came to visit...
Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Children enjoy a visit by the firemen.It was a very special day at Robbie’s Place Day Care as two real firemen visited the location to provide the children with a practical demonstration on the important role the fire department plays in the community.

The excitement was clearly visible on the children's faces when the firemen arrived. After a short presentation the children went outside to practice being firefighters themselves. They climbed into the fire truck, got to touch the equipment and even sprayed water from a real fire hose!

The visit was part of the theme ‘Me and My Community’, which falls under the broader theme of this quarter ‘Me and My Magical World’. A big thank you goes out to the Nootdorp Fire Service Department for helping us make learning as real to life as possible for the children.

Click this link to view more images of this special day!